Sunday, 3 November 2013

Storytelling MOOC Week 2 - a "wide open frontier for creative experimentation"

This episode cropped up on my TED Talks podcast this week:

Andrew Fitzgerald: Adventures in Twitter fiction

This was so relevant to this course that I thought it was worth a summary of what I learnt from it. 

When radio was invented it was a new medium that defined new formats, which then defined new stories and how we told them. 

We are seeing the same in Twitter now.We have just about "settled the wild lands of the internet", and are now ready to define our own new formats and new stories. 

For example, 
1. The way Hugh Howey wrote and experimented the "Wool series.
2. Jennifer Egan wrote her story Black Box, "as a series of tweets on The New Yorker's Twitter account over nine days beginning May 25, 2012. The story is in the form of "mental dispatches" from a spy living in the Mediterranean area in the near future".
3. The phenomenon of Twitter accounts for fictional or historical characters who either engage with the real world (fictional characters), or tell us their real world (historical characters)
4. @CrimerShow. Someone creating a parody of detective TV. Every day there is a new episode.
5. Fake accounts blur the boundaries betwen reality and fiction.

In summary, Twitter is a "wide open frontier for creative experimentation"

Nicely put!

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