Saturday, 30 November 2013

#storymooc week 5

What if the whole world is just a game? What if we are just a puzzle set by ourselves from the future that we are now slowly trying to work out? Each century we get a bit closer to the the end of the game, we get a new piece of the puzzle, till one day we will meet ourselves and say, "we solved it!! Now let's play again!". And the same game begins again,

Games are about stories, narratives, decisions, dilemmas, action, consequence, success, failure, working puzzles out, reward, location and so many more things. Well, that is just like your life story isn't it? When we think of the future of games as involving artificial intelligence, automated stories, characters who exist outside of the game, game worlds that react to the actions of the player, Google Glass, virtual reality etc it makes me think - when's it all going to be like Tron? Will we just end up creating our own universe online and existing there?

I enjoyed this week's module as it introduced a lot of these ideas and concepts. Games seem to have unlimited possibility for the story teller and the imagination. The more I thought about them the more exciting, creative, and revolutionary they seemed. They are also inherently fun because they are puzzles, and also have that spark of curiosity within them. I also was left wondering about games and eLearning. To be able to use that feeling you get in gaming of "I have to know what happens next", or "this next level is so cool it's beyond my imagination", or "I have to defeat this end of level boss even if I'm up till 3am!!". What if you were doing the same with your learning? eg a game that poses ethical, political, social dilemmas that you have to solve. This week I wrote my notes as an illustration whilst listening to the videos and doing laundry. All at the same time. I enjoyed the process. I was inspired by the way the excellent team on the MOOC have presented their own videos using speeded up writing. They also had a podcast lecture this week which was a brilliant idea. Learning on the go.

Apart from Sonic, Tetris, GoldenEye, Pacman, FIFA Football, and Mario I have zero experience in games beyond 1996 so I didn't do this week's creative task. Instead I preferred to focus on the futuristic possibilities of gaming as they tie in directly to my other MOOC on eLearning & Digital Cultures. And imagine a time when the following advertisement exists :

Introducing "Google Life". 
Where are you going on holiday this year? How about 19th century France to see the world through the eyes of Napoleon? Ancient Greece to walk in sandals alongisde Socrates? 13th century Italy to live inside St Francis of Assissi's imagination for 2 weeks?
In Google Life we have amassed all the writings, images, paintings, photographs, diaries, stories, and science that is on the internet. We have amalgamated everything together to let you literally see the world how somebody else saw it through their eyes. 

Using the sum total of all human knowledge and the collective mind, we aim to reanimate the life of every single person who ever lived on the planet. This is part of Google's ethical drive to ensure that every single person on the planet who ever lived was valued. 

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