Thursday, 14 November 2013

If you want to read my #storymooc Week 3, turn to this page....

Does this book cover ring any bells?

It's one of Steve Jackson's books in the Fighting Fantasy series. They were popular children's books in the 1980's and were a mix of role playing style game contained within a story book. Page 1 of the story would give you a scenario, and at the end of the paragraph you were given 3 options on how to continue the story based on your judgement. Each option would lead to a different page in the book. For example something like, "You are at the front of the house. To knock on the door go to page 12. To climb through the broken window turn to page 74. To shout up at the lighted window turn to page 41". You would then get a new scenario, a new set of options, and hence a new story whichever option you chose. I used to think they were brilliant, and looking back they were such an interesting experiment. They came out at roughly the same time as the first computer games, but for a while they were every bit a match. Infact I used to read these books whilst waiting the 45 minutes it would take to load up our BBC Micro games!

In the spirit of the Fighting Fantasy books, I present my week 3 #storymooc review in their style

You have reached week 3 of your storytelling MOOC. To find out more, continue reading below. If you are bored, open this dusty window. If you want to sign up yourself, turn to this page

You are learning about web series this week. A woman in a green and blue shirt tells you that they can be hugely liberating, creating, and subversive. But, due to the medium they need to have more instant and memorable hooks due to people's short attention spans. If you want to see an example of a web series, open this window. To write your own, sharpen your pencil and read these tips

You have been walking around the internet for some time. You pass by a group of people from Sweden talking about a woman who has gone missing on the internet. They are trying to find her. You are amazed at the creativity of this "transmedia project" where the viewer is involved in directing the story via social media. You are also a but sad that it didn't catch on because it required too much effort on the viewer's behalf. The Swedish people rush off to find another clue. When they go you see a row of #storymooc tweets flash up on the wall. You see this one below

After reading it, do you 
- feel an epiphany that everything is actually a story, and that our whole lives are narratives that we construct in our heads? If you do enter this room here
- feel that with social media we are constantly re-inventing the medium of storytelling and pushing new boundaries. If you do, climb through this window
- cringe a little and wish that businesses and corporations would just leave us alone and stop impinging on our imagination. If you do, then react like this

You have reached the end of week three, but have encountered the end of level baddy. This comes in the form of a character you have to come up with! Aggghh!!!! What do you do?
You choose to seek advice from a person sitting next to you who has done it. Read about them here
You decide to meet a new person who is not a baddy at all. Meet them here
You take the plunge and come up with your own character. Say hello here

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