Friday, 2 August 2013

Learning about edcmooc tools 3 - getting new ideas

1. Twitter
A brilliant way to get ideas - using hashtags and tweetchats was the best way to generate ideas.

2. WallWisher
Writing ideas on napkins, post it's, and then pinning them to walls, tables, cork boards has always been a great way to jot ideas down quickly and take that first step to getting them organised. WallWisher is the online equivalent. I have also seeen people using it to give people virtual birthday/leaving cards when their friends/colleagues are in far flung locations.

3. Google Hangouts
Why spend ages communicating by writing alone? Use Skype or Hangouts and speak to the people you want to. When we tried it in edcmooc I found it very motivating - even though the connections were a bit shaky.

4. Facebook
This worked quite well. Probably because it was a medium people were familiar and comfortable with. The problem was that many things got lost in a sea of words. Because of the volume of people on there, it's still a good way to get instant feedback or opinion - for example by using the voting tool

5. Evernote
Get every little thought down in one place. I would love it if there was a button on Evernote that said "write up my blog post". It would take all my little notes and ideas, and present them as a weekly blog, so that I didn't have to write it. 

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