Friday, 2 August 2013

Learning about #edcmooc tools 2 - Presenting your work differently

1. PowerPoint, Prezi, SlideRocket
People have told me they prefer PowerPoint still, despite it being old and familiar. I still think it's a good way to get some ideas down quickly and present them easily. It's not how you present anyway, it's what you are saying. Prezi has whistles and bells, but whenever I have used it it has taken me a disproportionately long time to prepare a presentation than to deliver it. SlideRocket is maybe a nice compromise between the two. I had a try with it below (NB - I still actually prefer PowerPoint because it is so simple to use...)

2. Glogster & Smore
They could be two characters from the Hobbit, but they are actually good ways to make posters. These are interesting ways to break up your linear presentation, and present ideas a little more randomly. The danger is overkill, as has happened with infographics.

3. Quadblogging
This worked a treat. Knowing you have an audience motivates you to write in the first place, and stimulates you to improve your writing. It also touches on the next theme - "getting new ideas"

4. Storify
I really liked this tool. A nice way to make a story out of the constant stream of information on the internet. I made two stories by searching for what the Twitter world found #fascinating and #poetic. The results were quite random, but I liked it for that

5. ThingLink
This lets you add notes to your photos. Share a photo of your classroom, and annotate it with this tool. What is there to discover within a simple photo?

6. VideoScribe & GoAnimate
Two ways to quickly animate your ideas. The process of doing them is different to just writing something down on PowerPoint, or in a blog. You have to think a little differently and creatively, and I think you are also thinking about your audience reaction a bit more too. Both of which are good things when you present your ideas to others.

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