Monday, 15 July 2013

Learning about #edcmooc tools 1 - Creating your own online newspaper

This is part 1 in a series of 5, looking at new tools I discovered on the edcmooc course, and thinking how these could be applied creatively.

During the edcmooc course I kept noticing in people's twitter feeds, "the Joe Bloggs daily is now out! read here..". The link went to someone's own online newspaper that they had created. They had tailored  an internet search (eg "edcmooc") and their newspaper displayed links to all kinds of articles, blogs, links on this topic. I thought it was a good way to create some momentum around a topic and keep up to date in a simple way. For an organisation it could help you:

  • automatically keep a record of articles, journals, opinions, blogs on your subject
  • Help the social media staff aggregate content without tweeting, facebooking everything individually
  • Give your followers a broad and useful summary of the field you work in rather than just information on your organisation
  • Expand your web presence and open up more debate, discussion, industry awareness
  • Improve the knowledge of your colleagues and co-workers
  • Help you find research and articles to inform your own blog posts and articles, rather than losing them in the sea of the internet.
  • Make new connections
Such website as Paper.Li, ScoopIt, Storify and Triberr provide this service. 

I shall try the website Paper.Li this week, as I liked the idea of making your own online daily paper. If you have any experience using it let me know.

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