Tuesday, 7 May 2013

#edcmooc poem

In the final TweetChat of the edcmooc course, one of the questions we asked was, "describe your edcmooc experience in 3 words". There followed some interesting tweets. As they were flowing in, to my mind it started to resemble a strange poem being written out live, by many hands. When the TweetChat was over, I collected all the 3 word Tweets in Storify so I wouldn't lose them. The next day, I would sift through them and re-arrange them into a real poem. A few months passed in fact & I never actually got round to doing it.

Until today.

Here is the finished poem. I couldn't think of a title, so I just fed the three most common words in the poem (enlighten, connect, learn) through a random anagram scrambler. Here is the original Storify collection of Tweets: http://storify.com/chrisswift/3-word-poem/preview

Nontechnical Green Lent

Personal learning network,
Connective learning support.
Powerful authentic global,
Created better teacher.

Sift through knowledge,
Reflect reassess relearn.
Connect create question,
Connect brainstorm learn.

Can't do that,
Need more words.

Deep connectivity, contemplation.
Constructive self-driven, diverse.
Exciting dynamic chaotic,
Connecting discovering learning. 

Addictive altruistic enlightening,
Live-giving exciting growing.
Experimental addictive confusing,
Awesome enlightening utopia.

Fraingers mind-expanding connecting,
Eye-opening massive future.
Buzzing learning enlightening
Stimulating surprising hectic.

Empirical dynamic creative
Entertaining diverting, cor...! 
Amazing learning experience
Maddie Moocing More!

Invigorating refreshing hopeful!
Bloody brilliant BOOM!

Expensive buying teabags,
Very big class.
All good karma,
Winter of content.

Exhausting but exhilarating,
Want somethinglikethis again.
Interesting, unexpected, rollercoaster. 
Eureka! Disraeli Confucius Goodnight.


Glad it's over.
Miss it now. 

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  1. Thanks Chris. This is a great idea. I love how you created art from these words. Brilliant.