Wednesday, 9 January 2013

#edcmooc What does a MOOC look like to you?

"Next stop is #edcMooc".
Photo credit:Eleni Zazani
I have made a group on Flickr, and invite you to add an image of what a MOOC means to you.

That's a fairly loose & broad concept I know, so you could be as literal or obtuse as you want to be.

The aim of this would be to think a little bit differently about what's on your mind. How could you express it without using words?

I had a quick brainstorm, and here are some things your image might be about:

  • Strip it down to the basics: how would you sum up a MOOC in one image?
  • What image would sum up where your head is at right now?
  • What image would represent where you want to get to in this course?
  • What do you see a future digital human as looking like?
  • What does "eLearning" look like?
  • If this MOOC had a symbol, what would it be?
  • What's a "Digital Community" look like?
  • How, in one image, would you express what you've learnt so far?
  • Go to a website that lists "20 great image tools". Pick 5, try each one out, then choose your favourite image from the one's you made. Why was it your favourite? How did you decide?

What is your "digital footprint"?
And here are some ways you could come up with an image:
There have already been a few images in our little online group that have struck a chord with members (the bunny with its unravelling mind remember). What have they been able to express so well that words couldn't? And what other images are going to crop up as we go? I think using images and Flickr will be part of the course anyway, but it doesn't hurt to have a little play around before we begin. I'll be using this group as I go to record all these images that crop up. It'll be an intriguing gallery to walk back through in 6 weeks time.

Here is a link to the Flickr group. Anyone can add an image to the group pool, or join the group. You'd be very welcome to join in if you wished.

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