Saturday, 26 January 2013

#edcmooc Trying out a live Tweet chat

This evening we tried a live Twitter chat.

We ran it from 9:30 -10:30pm (GMT) with 4 moderators. We asked 4 questions over the course of the hour:
1.) Say hello & introduce yourself,
2.) Something interesting about you or where you live,
3.) What are you most looking forward to on the course?,
4.) What have you heard someone say about eLearning or Digital cultures that you have found interesting?

As with any new experience I was a bit uncertain beforehand, and not really sure what would happen. I could see people were signing up to attend on our Facebook group, but would they really show up? On a Saturday night? Well they did. It was incredibly fast paced, with tweets coming in every second. Impossible to read them all, and take it all in, but great to see so many people join in, and so many conversations pinging away here and there. There were approx 128 people who actively joined in, with around 1,150 tweets in the hour. Thanks @eRomanMe for the stats.

I hope everyone who took part enjoyed it & found a new connection or two. What a great ice breaker before the course begins. I've now tried Google hangout & Twitter chat this week and both those two live events have really inspired me. You don't have time to reflect too much, you have to say what's on your mind in the moment, conversations can spiral off & develop, and that can be very refreshing and stimulating. I'll let it all sink in a bit more, but here are some quick ideas that came to me for next time:
  1. 4 other people can take on the moderator role. If you've never done it before it can be a good experience
  2. Try it at a different time - I think much of Asia & Indian subncontient would have missed out as it was the middle of the night for them
  3. Have a special Twitter chat for people who are completely new to Twitter, or who are getting that overwhelmed feeling early on.
  4. Make a WallWisher page and invite people to post up topics we can discuss in the next Twitter chat
  5. Someone else also suggested pausing a bit more between questions to let people catch up with what was being tweeted. 

So, a fruitful hour with plenty of ideas to take forward. And finally, here are some favourite tweets from tonight.A fairly arbitrary list, but a quick snapshot of the chat tonight. Here's my top 10.

Make that My Top 12 - couldn't leave these two out...

Thanks to everyone who took part tonight and made it a success.

(PS - it was Willa  who knows how to milk goats.....just so you know)