Thursday, 15 November 2012

#edcmooc Saludos - nice to see you!

I made a shared map last night that people on the course can add their location to. In 30 mins, there were 7 posts! Here is the link so you can add your own location. To add a pin you need a Google account. When you have this, you can click on the red "edit" button to the left of the map. Then a blue pin should appear in the top left corner of the map. You can then click on this and drag it around to your location. Add some info and save.

It will be nice to visualise the range of locations of people on the course. If you read "I'm from Buenos Aries" or "from Melbourne" it doesn't have the same impact as seeing it on a map. When you see the pins spread out, it suddenly becomes much more interesting and dynamic. When I zoomed into Susan in Florida for example, I could see the pin was on what looked like a little island. I zoomed back a bit, and there was Cape Canaveral. I've heard of that, and now I made the connection. There is a Melbourne, Florida too - small world. In my pin, I added a link to a Flickr slideshare of pictures from Edinburgh to give everyone a chance to see what it looks like.

What else could you link to? A website with facts about your town? A current news story? A historical timeline? A poem or short story set there? A clip from a movie shot there? Or why not go out, take a picture of something you like about your local area, and upload to Flickr? Then we'd have your own personal impression of where you live. Or choose a theme "my last meal", "where I buy my food", "local shop" etc etc. Add any ideas in comments below

Here's a link to the map, with a screenshot image below

PS - I just checked back. We have person number 8 - Gabriella from Round Rock, Texas! Look at the distribution of the pins - what does it tell us about time zones? No-one from Europe, Africa, Middle East, South Asia. They will all be tucked up in my bed.